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It's been an honor getting to know so many hardworking Lakeville area families that share our values. I have met families in our neighborhoods struggling to make ends meet and sacrificing to do more with less. I share in their frustration when politicians in Saint Paul take more of our tax dollars as we see more fraud, waste and abuse. It's getting harder for families to achieve the American Dream, and to do better than the generation before us.

After being born in Colombia and adopted by an American family, I’ve had the opportunity to build a life here in the United States. As a father of two girls, I want my daughters to have those same opportunities to succeed here in Minnesota.

There is so much we share together and that unites us. The values of working hard, a strong education, charity to each other and compassion for those least among us. These are the values that bind us as a community. Politics can be divisive, but I prefer to focus on Issues that will allow our Lakeville area families to unite and live better and achieve more!

To achieve that goal, I will reach across the aisle to build relationships in Saint Paul to support efficient and effective government where standards in education are kept high, and barriers to growing a healthier economy are eliminated. On November 8th, I hope to earn your vote and the Opportunity to continue serving Lakeville and the surrounding areas of Credit River, Elko New Market, New Market Twp and Eureka Twp at the Capital and building on the work we have started!

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