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State Representative Jon Koznick Earns Guardian of Small Business Award

ST. PAUL, Minn., October 22, 2020 — The state’s major small business group, the National

Federation of Independent Business Minnesota, with close to 10,000 members, announced

today that Representative Jon Koznick (Lakeville) was awarded the prestigious NFIB

Guardian of Small Business award.

NFIB gives out its Guardian of Small Business award at both the federal and state level to

recognize lawmakers who have been supportive of small business on critical issues.

Koznick’s award was based on votes he took during the 2019-2020 sessions of the

Minnesota Legislature. He has been a real friend of small business and a voice for restraint,

opposing several negative bills that were passed in the Minnesota House that were

detrimental for small business. They included:

• A massive 70% increase in the state’s gas tax

• A large and unjustifiable $3 billion tax increase while the state was running a $1

billion surplus

• Opposed an excessively expensive new $1 billion paid family leave program that

placed a new tax on every employer and worker in the state

“Representative Koznick is a real friend of small business, and we are happy to announce

that he has earned the NFIB Guardian of Small Business Award,” said Mike Hickey, NFIB

Minnesota state director.



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